Why Rentworks? Exceptional Rental Experience.

Having worked for a number of years for other large property management companies Brent Manderson and Steve Hawker decided recently that it was time to do something for themselves, to put their own stamp on the industry.

That was how they came to purchase Rentworks Property Management.

Brent Manderson and Steve Hawker are some of the best in the business. Between them they have extensive backgrounds and experience in property investment and management. Last year, they purchased Rentworks Property Management and are working to build those relationships that are vital to the wellbeing of both landlords and tenants.



Summary of the services we provide

Rentworks Property Management Ltd go the extra mile with their personal service for both owners and tenants. We are Property Management Specialists who have a reputation for achieving and maintaining high standards.

The directors Brent Manderson and Steve Hawker have extensive backgrounds in Property Management over a number of years, and are both property investors themselves.

Locating and placing Tenants

Selection and placement of the right tenant is one of the most important parts of successfully managing property. Advertising draws a large number of enquiries as well as personal contacts. We personally show prospective tenants through properties and do not give out keys for them to show themselves through. We insist on references and photo I.D. If we do not have the right tenant for your property immediately we will wait until we do. There is no point in putting someone into the property who may become a problem down the track.

Credit checking Tenants

We are on line with Centrix and Equifax where we credit check prospective tenants for any bad debts or Tenancy Tribunal orders. We check back on references to ensure that the tenant has not left previous tenancies owing rental money or having caused damages that have not been paid for. We also have access to background checking software that can check a potential Tenants history both here and overseas.

We collect four weeks bond and two weeks rent from the tenant before they take possession of your property. The bond is paid into the Bond Centre at Porirua, where it is kept until the end of the tenancy.

Rent collection

We are on line with the Bank and daily checking of rents ensures that non payment of rent is dealt with instantly by a phone call to the tenant followed up by a 14 day notice. We quickly identify any potential problems and act before they become an issue.

Access to your account

We provide a service whereby you are able to access your account at any time day or night. Many of our owners find this service very useful. There is a small annual charge for this.

Rent Reviews

Obtaining the correct market rent for your property is an important part of maximising your return from the property. We regularly carry out a review of the rents being paid, and where appropriate will advise the owner if a property's rent could be increased. Remember a rent increase cannot be given within 180 days of the start of the tenancy, and 60 days notice must also be given to the Tenant.

End of Tenancy

We will advise you when a Tenant has given notice to terminate their tenancy. We will then work through any end of tenancy matters with the departing tenant whilst working on ensuring we secure the best possible replacement tenants, minimising any vacancy in the property.

Property Inspections

Inspections are an important part of managing your property. We will carry out the first inspection after six weeks just to ensure that everything is going well with your property whilst the Tenants settle in. Thereafter inspections are carried out every 3 months in line with most insurance companies requirements. You will receive a full descriptive report after the inspection within a few days. We will make recommendations where necessary and any changes to the property are noted.


It is important to keep your property in good condition in order to obtain full market rent. A well maintained property always rents first. Be prepared to carry out maintenance regularly whether it is painting or some other improvement. We, as home owners are always carrying out some improvements to our homes. It is the same with a rental property. It needs attention, particularly if you want to on-sell in the future. We will arrange maintenance on your behalf and we have reliable trades people who work for us regularly at good rates. Some owners like to do their own maintenance. If you do it is important that this work is carried out quickly and not left to a "rainy day" otherwise we get constant calls from the tenant, wanting to know when the maintenance is going to be done. We are happy to advise on improvements to the property so that you achieve maximum rent.

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