Questions to Ask Before deciding on Appointing your Property Manager

RentWorks Property Management Ltd® Christchurch

Don't be afraid to get professional advice. Owning investment property is a business venture, and you need to approach it as a business person.

One of the biggest problems with residential investment property is the time and effort the owner must put in. A Property Manager will eliminate problems and take the stress away from you, the owner. We are professionally trained in Property Management to handle any matters that may arise.

Unless you want a hands on approach, a Property Manager is essential, and well worth the management fee, which is also tax deductible. Protecting your investment is good sense. It is essential to talk to us at RentWorks Property Management Ltd, Christchurch before purchasing a residential investment property so that we can advise you on the current rental market trends.

The Property Manager will advertise the property, and interview potential tenants as well as obtain a credit check. They will also inspect the property on a regular basis and be on hand on a daily basis to deal with any matters that may arise. This gives you peace of mind and leaves you free to enjoy your investment.

What sort of Service should I Expect?

In our office each staff member has specific duties. We don't hand over a group of properties to a staff member and say "look after them".

Unfortunately this happens all too often in Property Management with often dire results – service levels suffer and this is detrimental to the owner.

In our company the people who own the business run the business, with all the accountability which that demands.

Ask us about how we structure staff responsibilities to achieve maximum service levels. Also ask us what extra service tasks we perform.

What is your Knowledge of Property Law?

Both the Directors have an excellent understanding of property law and the Residential tenancies Act.

Do you have Processes in place to pick up Account Discrepancies?

Yes. We have a highly sophisticated self-auditing computer software system which has been designed specifically for property management. We also make available details of your account which you can access 24 hours 7 days a week. (There is a small annual charge for this).

Are you dedicated Solely to Property Management?

Yes. We work solely in the business 24/7. We are not distracted by other activities.

How do you find Tenants?

Our personal contacts together with advertising on several websites and in the media draws a large number of enquiries. We personally show prospective tenants through properties.

If we do not have the right tenant for your property immediately, we will wait until we do. There is no point in putting someone into the property who may become a problem for the owner further down the track.

When are you available to Show my Property to Prospective Tenants?

We work 6 days a week showing properties as required (after hours if needs be). We don't hand out keys – a highly dangerous practice.

How Quickly do you Pay Out Rent?

We pay out to owners on a weekly basis. This helps owners to keep control of their budgeting, and also to be quickly alerted to any possible rent arrears.

Do you ask for 4 Weeks Bond?

Yes, we do without exception. This avoids costs for the owner. It allows for time to get through the Tribunal system if required. It also allows sufficient funds for maintenance items that may need attention due to damage, after the tenant leaves. It is an insurance against rent loss.

What Geographical Area do you Cover?

We cover the total greater Christchurch area and we also manage properties in outer areas such as Rolleston, Kaiapoi, Rangiora and Hororata.

How Often do you Inspect Properties?

Our first inspection is 6 weeks after the tenant moves in, and then again 6 weeks later. Thereafter we inspect every 3 months.

Regular inspections are pivotal in protecting your property. Inspections are troubleshooters to avoid any problems developing.

Be very wary of any Property Management company that doesn't carry out regular scheduled inspections.

How are Your Staff Trained?

Our Staff are themselves investment property owners and mortgage holders, which gives them a unique insight into owners' requirements.

They regularly attend outside training seminars, also trainings run by the IPMA, as well as our internal training sessions run by the Directors.